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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 4, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> the proclamation. >> oh, good morning, you guys, i have to say it is busy in the world of traffic, and we have some sad news coming out of mt. laurel, too, we have fatal crash on 295, all northbound lanes are block, i'll get to more of that in just a moment. >> so unfortunate to hear, starting the morning off. as you guys mentioned, things starting to shift in terms of the weather pattern here, so we start things offer by looking at storm scan3, take you out to the radar, things are definitely starting to moisten up in the atmosphere. a lot of times what you see not what you get when it comes to radarment sometimes you won't see anything, and it is actually raining at the ground level, sometimes you will see stuff that's not actually hitting the ground. that's what we're finding some of this out there. little hint every moisture granted, but maybe fine mist at worse at this point. that's as the clouds are starting build in across our area, as well, vinyl of things to come. zoom it out further, see steadier rain pockets beginning to creep up in, just approaching the west virginia border at this point, eventually will all lift in our region, of course with it
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being the holiday, fireworks displays set to take place, especially the one here in philadelphia later tonight, and i have to tell if you doesn't look like the timing will be all that ideal for that. which we'll talk about as the show progresses, but mid upper 60s currently being report in the both philadelphia international airport as well atlantic city. very calm winds, even despite the winds direction turning more out of the southwest still feels pretty comfortable outside. that's going to change with time, guys, eventually the humidity does take over, but the rain will get here first and for most. we will hit 08 degrees later today with clouds really building in, again, we time out the approach that far rain, so if you do have outdoor plans as many of us do, meisha, a we will be able to get you out there safe and sounds. >> perfect, katie, that sound great. good morning, everyone, looking outside, live look at the ben franklin bridge, looking real nice for those every you coming from jersey. take a look at that, not people out on the ben franklin bridge, that's to be expected specially at this time specially on the fourth of july. boulevard this is what you are looking at here moving in the southbound direction, looking good, quiet, once you jump on
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the schuylkill, same story here. i want to pull your attention to mt. laurel those every in you and around the area we do have fatal crash this morning 295 northbound, at route 73, all northbound lanes are block, you will have to use an alternate around this investigation area right now. that's route 70 west marlton pike, just make note of. >> this i will be tweeting this out, as well, investigation still underway. also to switch geese here, we do have event closures because of it, outer drive, ben franklin parkway closed both direction between the art museum circle and 20th from 5:00 a.m. today until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. do you have alternates, the vine, girard, market street, probably your best bet. also chestnut street between fifth street and front street closed 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., also between ninth and sixth, from 10:45 until 1:30 p.m. again, i'll be tweeting all of this information out for you, joe, brooke, back to you. >> we all know philadelphia does it big for july 4th there. have been event going on around town for the last week all leading up to today. >> and there are a bunch to
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choose from, for all day long, here, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live on the parkway this morning where one of the big ones is taking place tonight. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, happy fourth every july. there are so many activities happening all across center city philadelphia today to celebrate america's birthday. what better place to do it than right here in center city philadelphia. just at the cradle of liberty, itself. behind me here, on eakin's oval, you can see the set is up well underway. that stage is ready for the big welcome america concert. and the act will be getting ready later this afternoon. what a great way to cap off your extended weekends of celebration with patriots i can music, spectacular fireworks show right here again in the birth place of america. but, before that spectacle, there are number of patriots i can events all across center city from 10:00 to 11:00 celebration of freedom at independence hall, kicks off the days event with music and reading of the declaration every independence by leslie
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oath em, jr., from the hit musical hamilton. from 11:00 to 12:00 the parades, historic philadelphia, the party then heads over to eakin's oval from noon to 4:00 with party on the parkway with food and free fun, at 5:00 it welcome america concert featuring brotherly love, o.j.'s, philly pops, many, many more. of course after the concert that fantastic fireworks show there is year, that start at 10:00. it will be a fitting way to cap off the fourth of july holiday. >> it is a mix of everything. i mean, it is families, it is friends, it is foreigners, it is people from all over the country. i feel like there is a lot of people from everywhere that are here. and it is great to see. >> happy fourth of july to everybody out there. >> no doubt she's ready to celebrate again today. now, remember, if you are driving through this area, the whole winds of the parkway now closed that just happened at 5:00. it will remain closed for 24
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hours because of course you have the party, the concert, the fireworks, and then the clean up afterward. so keep that in mind today, and then tomorrow, if you are headed out early to go back to work. reporting live on the parkway, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", joe, and brooke, back into you. >> good stuff, jan. thanks a l hey, get this: a hotdog eaters, we take down 150 million hotdogs each july 4th holiday. >> we do. >> joe has eaten 17 already today, helping out that out, according to wallet hub, nation's largest hotdog manufacture tear frank's. >> they were making them when i came in, well the fourth also federal holiday congress declared it as such back in 1941, that means no mail delivery, also means state and county courts are closed as well as wall street. philadelphia may leave the celebration but the nation's capitol is also throwing a big
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party. >> ♪ >> allison port their sing the national anthem during yesterday's rehearsal for a capitol fourth. it is on the west lawn of the us capitol in washington. they even have to rehearse the cannons for the 1812 overture. the real deal airs tonight at 8:00 on pbs. >> here is a warning, if you are a septa regional rail rider. >> starting tomorrow, defective rail cars will lead to a tight squeeze. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is here with us to explain how this will impact all of those commute. >> joe, brooke, if you take the trains in the morning, pay special attention to this. this is impacting roughly 30% of septa's regional rail capacity. the problem cracks found on low bearing beams on almost all of it silver liner five rail cars, defect making them unsafe at any speed. septa says, could take the entire summer meaning significant service disruptions. at septa headquarters,
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emission from the top, that frustrations that are its commuter's futures. >> it is something that came up out of the blue. it is no way we want the holiday to end. >> 120 septa silver liner five cars pulled from service after inspector noticed something odd about midnight friday. tilted train car found with so-called fatigue cracks, heavy low bearing beams, out of caution, more cars were inspected, and more damage in varying degrees was found. >> as soon as we could get them out of service we did. so from midnight, friday morning, until friday night, saturday morning at midnight it was really about a 24-hour process of taking everything out of service. >> septa brought the silver liner on line between 2010 and 2013 at cost of close to $300 million, and they remain under warantee. what caused the cracks remains unclear. the focus now, fixing them. >> it is a that is thank can
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run to get in there and replace one is anywhere from 30 to 60 hours. so, it is a big effort. couple hundred of these beams, that's a lot of materials. you know, that have to be fabricated. >> starting tuesday, septa rolls out modified saturday schedule with rush hour service roughly every 30 minute. there is a chance, though it, may not be enough. so, commuters are encourage today try other options, too, such as bus, subway, trolley service, even driving. >> we're fortunate that it is happening in the summer when riders get this down a little bit. but still, every rush hour train will be very crowded. >> commuters hold onto your july passes, septa working on fare credit cyst for for right earth affected, also in touch with hyundai, about quickening repairs there is was a big catch by septa. officials say, worse case scenario, damage lick this, joe, brooke, could trying area derailment. so crisis averted. that respect there. >> you point out of course the
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commute tomorrow could actually be a little bit less than -- >> i would say hopefully if most people took the week or the entire july 4th experience, perhaps the high volume could come next week, not per say tuesday, but you never know how vacation plans were slotted in the summer. so we will definitely be watching tomorrow to see how this plays out. >> thank, justin. more coverage on our website as always you can watch the tiny septa news conference on line. >> this morning, police are investigating the murder after teenager in grays ferry. it all happened around 12:30 this morning, near moore street and 31 street. a 16 year old was with a group of people in a backyard, when the shooting started. he was taken to children's hospital of philadelphia where he was pronounced dead. it is not clear what led to the shooting. and police have not released a suspect description. but witnesses do say a dark colored car was seen leaving the area. >> police in camden county community are investigating what led to accident involving
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a car and a pedestrian. it happened on the 800 block of white horse pike in oaklyn early this morning. right now there is no word from officials on injuries. >> in camden, arson investigators are now looking into a string of suspicious fires that broke out over the weekend, and several firefighters were hurt as a result. a total of 12 fires broke out in south camden saturday and sunday, they happened mostly in empty and abandoned buildings, one of them went to two alarms. the firefighters had to respond to them in quick success which we're told is the primary injury injuries occurred. >> some of them were because they were physically exhausted, from going from one fire to the next. most of the fires went one right behind the other. >> most of the fires happened during the day. investigators say that means someone may have seen something suspicious, which could help their investigation. you're asked to call police if you know anything. >> still ahead, we'll show you the big event five years in the making, happening in space today. also, this:
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>> pretty -- that's when i felt them under the sand. >> coming to a young boy's rescue after he is burried in the sand. we'll hear more from him about this heroic rescue. >> find out what caused this debris field in alaska, more than 6 miles long. we'll show you why it took researchers so long to find it. >> ♪ philadelphia freedom ♪ >> so, we met billie jean king earlier this summer. >> yes. >> she is cool, she is pretty awesome. >> elton john obviously hitting a high note here. we'll be right back. >> ♪ philadelphia freedom ♪
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>> lited up red, white and blue in july 4th. >> take a look at this, new york's empire state building showcased the countries' colors last night, the big apple showing one of the largest fireworks displays tonight. >> security big concern across the nation this independence day, that includes in the nation's capitol where officials were putting the final preparations on their safety plans. family, friends, remember eli, private memorial service for the holocaust survivor in new york. said we still tough the world and experience pain that most people can't even comprehend. he died saturday, he was 87. his family will announce a public memorial service soon. >> really sad news for me to hear. check this out. scary situation unfolded on california beach when boy's family actually lost site of him. he had become burried under 3 feet of sand t all happened in newport beach saturday
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afternoon, three year old boy was digging tub wells he disappeared, his parent started frantically asking other people at the beach for help. one was jersey martin who wasted no time searching. >> started digging pretty fast and dug two big, that's when felt him under the sands. >> it was scary, scary thing see a little boy that wasn't breathing and blue and, you know, pretty much, you know, dead, that, you know, pretty frightening. >> someone on the beach perform cpr. the boy was then taken to the hospital where he is doing well this morning. martin also says some of the boy's family/friends texted him a picture of the boy smiling in his hospital room. >> well, wildlife off initials alaska at the national park tracking grissly bear and they intend to kill it, here is part of the reason y they say it came face-to-face with tourists including some people back in june. you can see these photos here. well, friday night, it bit and scratched a woman, other hikers managed to scare it away. authority believe the grissly
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has become too much of a threat. >> a big landslide changed the landscape of brady ice feet in alaska graber bay national park. this is the aftermath. the shaking from the landslide felled throughout the region tuesday morning, but the dust cloud make it difficult to see the result. debris field is at least six and a half miles long. >> well, happening today, nasa is close encounter jupiter. >> solar powered spacecraft juno set to start orbiting juniper today. will stud toy see how the planet and solar system performed, and get ready for stunning pictures you can juno has special camera to take up close color pictures, launched in 2011, it mission will ends in 2018, well it, will crash into jupiter. >> i guess that will be it. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> we're done here. >> done! see ya. >> no where to go. katie? >> oh, guys, well, you know what? as we switch gears, turn our focus here to the weather on
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at least planet earth here, what we are experiencing at least nice start to the day. the problem is it is going to be one of those forecast that is does with time go little more and more downhill. starting things off on nice note. let's take you out, there my gosh; this not gorgeous? but remember that old saying, my friends, red sky morning, sailors take warning, it is actually a very scientific phrase that comes with that, because the colors get skewed when you have got storm system starting move in. so the way the light reflect off the color spectrum is why you see the red in the morning, when there is a system headed our way. but this is beautiful live shot. kudos to scott for shooting this gorgeous shot. he is out there on the board here in ocean city with our pat gallen who we will hear from later in the morning, also, not as pretty shot, about this shot technically in west lawn pa, next-door to reading, very modest breeze, light of day popping over the horizon, really off to nice quiet, and i'll also say comfortable start.
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once this warmfronts lift in, you can see the pocket every rain moving along it, this will lift in the from south to north, bring with it not just more clouds but also of course some rain. so i do want to track all of this for you. we kick it off with about this same time like how it is initializing, half you are in, quiet clear sky, half starting to see the clouds rebuild, really it is not until this early late afternoon that any showers begin to pop up out there. but, there is some steadier train waits in the wings, so by the time we are kicking off fireworks displays, say 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, at least scattered variety of showers to track out there. and that said, this isn't the end of it. actually steadier rain moves in through the overnight hours, potentially through central new jersey as of about 3:00 in the morning, then heavier pocket, many of us are getting out on the roads, back to work, after the long holiday weekend. now looks like things will gradually start to clear out with time here. but, it is going to take most of the day for that to happen. you are hitting the beaches today. i would get out earlier if you are looking for the most sunshine, do start off with
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the sun. eventually showers start to rebuild again, tonight, looks like it will be the wettest period of our fourth of july holiday. and then, we just heat up. guys, warmfront, it lives up to its name. check it out. four straight days of 90 plus, and it does turn awfully steamy, as well. meisha? >> the one night katie we would not want the rain, probably going to get it. all right, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, and happy independence day to you. looking outside, the blue route southbound, mid-county, what you are looking at. looking great moving in the southbound direction, this is where i will be saying i have a feeling all morning long looking good, looking great, looking quiet. started off, did develop i risers out there, still do. but i think it will hold fairly steady for us even in the 6:00 and further on into the rush hour of the 7:00 hour. ninety-five south at girard, what you are looking at in both directions, you can see, of course, we have some early risers out, there but i would say at about this time we certainly are starting to see some heavier steadier fly starting to hit the roadways. right now just not seeing. that will looking real quiet.
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schuylkill eastbound at girard see just one lonely vehicle, traveling on by. and now ill switch gears. we are opening this morning, with some very sad news, in mt. laurel, take a look at this, guys. we have fatal accident in like i said mt. laurel, 295 north route 73, all northbound lanes are blocked, you will have to use alternate around this investigation area. and that's going to be route 70, going to be your best bet, of course g i'll be tweeting details out as we get them. brooke, joe, over to you. >> okay. i'll take it from there. looking at newspaper headlines from throughout our region. >> burlington county times report on community effort to regulate dog and cat sales in an effort to reduce number of animals that come from puppy and kitten mills. >> bucks county courier times reporting people in bristol township are so upset about noisy cars in their neighborhoods, they are smith ago petition to their council asking for action. >> and, reporters from the intelligence err reflect on the identify apps every independence, what it means in
5:22 am
the modern era. there is your look at headlines from around the delaware valley. still ahead, why sunday night baseball was historic last night. >> as we go to break, here is a look at some of the fireworks displays happening in our area. we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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welcome back, last night's game between the braves and the marlins made history.
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now, this was a first ever game on active military base, the celebration of the nation's military members at fort bragg, north carolina a special 12,500 seat stadium, fort bragg field was built for the event. marlins beating the braves five to two. >> kevin did your and the is expected to make a decision today whether he'll stay with the team or take his talent elsewhere. there are several report did your and the narrowed his picks down to the thunder and the goal end state warriors. saturday he melt with the boss at any sell pricks, brought along quarterback tom brady. that's hilarious, ben simmons already hitting the hard wood. >> phillies look to go win the series against the royals at the bank. here is lesley van arsdall with your morning sports. >> the phillies will welcome the braves this afternoon after winning their series yesterday against the world champion kansas city royals. the fighting's got off to great start on the if i inning with runners on first and
5:27 am
second, cameron rough sends this one into the stands, bringing everyone home, phillies take three-nothing lead. then in the third, brody asche adds to the lead with solo homerun shot that went 418 feet into the second deck right field to make it four-nothing, the royals get on the board in the fifth being alex gordon hit. cut the phillies led in half. but the phillies go onto win this seven-two, second consecutive series win for the phils since may. >> after putting pen to paper on his rookie contract, we finally got our first look at the top pick in the draft ben simmons. the sixers open summer league practice sunday in utah. here is ben in action, the 19 year old will be making his nba summer league debut when the sixers play the celtics, after practice, estimates ons talked about taking to court with his new team. >> i love playing the game. that's amazing, i love being on the court, the team specially, meeting everybody.
5:28 am
>> that's all for sport, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we have a patriots i can performance from the us army field band. >> plus, we ' live in ocean sit way preview of some of today's festivities. hey, jan? >> reporter: party goers aren't going to let a little rain spoil their fun, no. we are getting ready for the big concert and fireworks show here along the ben franklin parkway. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live, coming up what you can expect if you're headed down to center city today. we will be right
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